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Question :

perhaps some home remedy, I have taken him to the vet. several
times,he gives my dog a shot that last for about a mo. My dog is losing
his hair & is suffering very much. I don’t want to put him down. He has
been my baby for 5 yrs.

Answer 1 :

My dog has flea allergies and sensitive skin. My vet said to buy Iams or Science Diet dog food. He also gave us fish oil capsules and told me to bath him at least once every 2 weeks in baby shampoo. It seems to help. I didn’t change his dog food though he still eats Beneful for healthy radiance. He has improved greatly.

Answer 2 :

You have to get rid of the fleas in your house and yard.
Consider putting the dog on a once a month tablet called Sentinel Spectrum. It doesn’t kill adult fleas but it stops fleas from breeding.
In the meantime you can give the dog a Capstar tablet and that will kill any fleas on the dog. If you don’t get rid of the fleas in the environment though it will keep happening to your dog.
Sentinel spectrum also prevents all intestinal worms and heartworm so you need to have your vet test to see the dog is heartworm negative before starting the meds.

Answer 3 :

I would actually try a different vet. Dogs can develop a form of contact dermatitis from flea allergies that needs to be treated with antibiotics. You also should have a pest control company come in and de-flea the house as there are thousands in the house for every flea found on the animal. Also, try Shaklee Basic H squared natural cleaner. It is a non-toxic and non-irritating cleaning product. A boarding/breeding kennel on Vancouver Island discovered that bathing dogs in water and Basic H squared suffocated the fleas and helped the skin be less irritated.

Answer 4 :

Hi Brown Mop,
Petsmart has an oatmeal shampoo that reliefs the skin of a dog with flea allergies. I would pay the price of getting your dog that allergy shot it works for a month like it does for humans with bad allergies.So your dog has a very bad flea allergy and needs to be addressed every single month.
Your Friend,

Answer 5 :

Put him down for fleas????
The shots are like the drops for the neck, they ONLY last for a month. You treat month to month, just like for heartworm, and that holds fleas in check till they die off in the winter months.
Frontline, Advantage, Revolution–all those are good at getting rid of fleas. No lfeas, no flea allergy bites bothering the dog. You need to get into a regular routine with keeping your dog flea free. It’s only $10 a month for gawd’s sakes. Buy the 4 pack and you’re set for almost half a year.

Answer 6 :

My dog suffers from food and flea allergies. I take her to the vet every 4-5 weeks for a shot and give her flea treatments. She gets a flea bath once a week (get shampoo with oatmeal… helps with the dry skin they get from frequent baths) and she gets flea dipped once a month. And I also treat my home. My vet said to get the spray home treament and not the fog treaments as these do not get under things that sit low to the floor. And we also have to treat the yard to keep fleas from getting on her when she’s outside.
This has helped my dog so much. She lost all her hair on her butt, stomach, thighs, and was starting to lose it from her sides and back. She even stopped eating. All this happened within a 2 month period. We had some unexpected events come up and didn’t have the money to take her to the vet for 2 months. She got very skinny and did nothing but scratch all day. That was 4 weeks ago, and she has gained almost all the weight she lost back and her hair is coming in again. And now she’s the sweet, fun, loving old girl I know her as.
I hope this helped you.

Answer 7 :

I have had some luck with changing the dogs diet to a bland mince, rice & grated carrot diet. I was also keeping the house flea free with flea bombs & keeping all pets treatments up to date. Also I was using a anti itch lotion in his bath that I got at the vets.

Answer 8 :

Have you tried Advantix to control the fleas? I use it on my dogs once monthly – it gets into their system and repels the fleas.
There are special shampoos that you can use to help soothe the skin as well.
Talk to your vet about this.

Answer 9 :

My poor bobeau has the same issue we wash him and give him flea meds, but tio no avail. my friends dog has wheat allergys w/ similar results im thinking we should check that out.

Answer 10 :

Home remades are honestly no good for fleas so take him to the vet for proper care.

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